Gate XIII was started in 2009 as a solo project from John, over the years there have been various EP's finished in various different styles developing into what is now the current sound. Things start off slowly however in 2010 John decided to push forward and complete the first full demo release "New day for the Dark" The demo was not heavily promoted although an instrumental track from it "Fire and Ice" managed to get some radio play.

The original demos went through a number of phases and styles while trying to find the unique sound John was aiming for, progressingly getting more and more heavy. At this point "Blind" was released with Chris  Campbell on vocals and again was well received and received airplay.

John decided to return to the symphonic roots of the band and recruited Soprano singer Shonagh Lyons in to record their newest single "Till the shadows" which peaked at number 1 on the NI Unsigned Charts. Due to scheduling issues and problems finding permanent members, the structure of the band was then adapted to feature a number of guest vocalists allowing for a more diverse sound and a larger variety of tracks leading to “Once Upon a Time”.

In 2013 in order to facilitate the changing needs of the band, Rionach Mc Glinchey has taken over vocals.marked by the release of "Worlds Apart"